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Divorce is an emotional, confusing process for everyone involved. Decisions made during this stressful time will affect the rest of your life. When children are involved, the divorce process is even more complex and the outcome more crucial. Divorce Mediation recognizes that family issues are as important as financial and legal issues. In 2011, ROAD to RESOLUTION – Divorce Mediation was founded to provide this much needed alternative.

Our mission is to save people time, money and unnecessary emotional turmoil by providing the tools and information needed to control the divorce process verses having the process control them. Our goal is to allow you to divorce with dignity.

Contemplating Divorce?


- Educates and prepares you for the road ahead

- Helps you locate, organize and understand financial records

- Helps you set realistic goals

- Provides practical advise on choosing the right attorney

- Recommends support professionals (therapists, financial planners, accountants, career
counselors, etc.) specific to your situation

Have You Decided on Divorce?


- Creates family-focused action plans that encourage collaborative problem solving

- Works with couples to identify and resolve all issues related to separation and divorce,

- Division of marital property and debt
- Child support and spousal support
- Custody, parenting time and decision-making for your children
- Health and life insurance

- Guides you toward resolution

Welcome to a ROAD to RESOLUTION...

"My personal experience and frustration with divorce, divorce attorneys and the divorce process, convinced me that the traditional divorce business model (divorcing person + attorney vs. divorcing person + attorney) is only set up to handle the legal aspect of a divorce and often ignores or exacerbates the financial and emotional components. This status quo model assumes the divorcing person - in the midst of emotional turmoil and everyday chaos - has adequate financial and emotional knowledge and wherewithal to make informed and wise decisions that will affect the rest of their life."
- Robin Perrigo, Road to Resolution 

What is mediation?
Mediation is an alternative and increasingly popular method for resolving divorce issues. ROAD to RESOLUTION - Divorce Mediation helps you and your spouse to negotiate an agreement together without employing opposing attorneys. The mediator’s role, is that of an unbiased, neutral third party who helps you reach an agreement which is fair and balanced, and one which works for the entire family.

How much are your services?
ROAD to RESOLUTION operates on an hourly or flat fee basis depending on your particular needs. We offer free consultations to allow us to assess your situation and identify what we can do to help.

Can I use ROAD to RESOLUTION – Divorce Mediation instead of a divorce attorney?
While you can, we do not recommend it. However, ROAD to RESOLUTION will help organize and prepare you so that you will need less of your attorney's time on the business of your divorce.

What is your confidentiality policy?
Your contact with ROAD to RESOLUTION is confidential and will not be discussed with anyone outside of the office. A confidentiality agreement is executed upon engagement of our services.
Are you a mediator?
Yes, I am a trained mediator. However, mediation is only one of the services we offer.

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Feel free to contact us directly. Your information is held in the strictest confidence.

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