Attorney Robin M. Mermans Earns Co-Parenting Specialist Certification

Robin M. Mermans, Esq
August 31, 2023

Charlotte-based certified mediator and collaborative family law attorney Robin M. Mermans recently earned a co-parenting specialist certification from a national training group. She attended the Mosten Guthrie Academy for Mediation and Collaborative Training in February 2022 to enhance her practice in using an innovative child-centered approach in her work with separating and divorcing parents. Mermans, owner of ROAD to RESOLUTION, attended four days of intensive training and seminars with experts across the country to receive the certification.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to attend this national training and earn this prestigious certification,” shared Mermans. “While I have experienced various aspects of co-parenting in my personal life and over the course of my mediation and collaborative law career, this new knowledge is invaluable.”

Mermans, a divorce attorney and mother of five with two separate parenting agreements, has personal and professional experience with separation, divorce, and co-parenting. At ROAD to RESOLUTION, Mermans works with her clients to prioritize their family while centering decisions around the best interests of their children.

“When children are involved in a divorce, the discussions need to be focused on their best interests. This has been the approach of ROAD to RESOLUTION since its inception in 2011, and I continuously look for new ways to improve my practice and expand my existing knowledge,” added Mermans. “The presentation and course materials were practical and gave me the tools I need to immediately apply the learning.”

Through this training, Mermans and other family law practitioners were encouraged to center their work with co-parents on the current and future needs of the children. This concept allows families to focus on their children as they navigate the realities of post-divorce parenting. During the training, presenters and child experts covered a variety of topics to help attorneys achieve a greater awareness of how to help co-parents minimize the overall impact of family change for their children. The training also allowed an understand of the core tenets of successful co-parenting and shared data about how age and stage of development affects children’s adjustment. In addition, presenters explained skills for addressing complex issues that need to be discussed openly to avoid future co-parenting conflicts.

This important information will be applied to the creation of new parenting agreements at ROAD to RESOLUTION as well as parenting plans that need to be revised or updated. Mermans also plans to offer additional services that focus on co-parenting guidance and solutions.

“As family law attorneys, it is our responsibility to provide our clients with the best and most current information about family resources and co-parenting plans,” explained Mermans. “At ROAD to RESOLUTION, is it my commitment to help our clients learn to co-parent with a child-centered approach. This will not only help a family move on peacefully from the complexities of divorce, but it will also protect the wellbeing of the children involved for years to come.”

Mermans is the first and only Charlotte-area attorney to earn this Co-Parenting Specialist Certification. She and her team at ROAD to RESOLUTION are committed to helping spouses and their families before, during, and after divorce. To learn more about the benefits of collaborative divorce and co-parenting agreements, please reach out to ROAD to RESOLUTION. Their Charlotte-based law firm would be honored to serve you.

Note: This feature is intended to be informational only and shall not be construed as legal advice.

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Robin M. Mermans, Esq
Founder and Principal Attorney

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