Why Should You Consider Pre “I Do” Education?

It is wise to enter into a legally binding contract without knowing and understanding the terms … said no one ever! 

Ahead of tying the knot, ROAD to RESOLUTION’s Pre “I Do'' Education can help you and your soon-to-be-spouse understand the legal ins and outs of a marriage. While this time of your life is exciting and fun - especially when planning a wedding - it’s also important to look at the bigger picture. The Pre “I Do” Education with ROAD to RESOLUTION encourages you to have important financial conversations before entering into the consequential legal contract known as marriage. 

What is Pre “I Do” Education? 

ROAD to RESOLUTION is helping engaged couples be more prepared for the legal aspect of marriage through a unique offering called Pre “I Do” Education. This one-of-its-kind service was created with engaged couples in mind by ROAD to RESOLUTION. During Pre “I Do” Education, soon-to-be-married couples will sit down with an attorney to learn the legal rights and obligations that occur once they say “I Do” in North Carolina. Couples will leave this one-on-one meeting with the understanding and knowledge of how marriage impacts property and real estate, assets and debt, taxes, and insurance. 

What Are The Benefits of Pre “I Do” Education? 

ROAD to RESOLUTION’s Pre “I Do” Education takes the guesswork out of legal obligations once married. We will discuss a variety of goals for the couple including financial, professional/career, and familial matters. Couples will gain an understanding of how marriage impacts finances and families so they are prepared to wed with not only confidence in love but confidence in the legal consequences too. 

If you and your soon-to-be-spouse have questions about how your legal responsibilities to one another will change once married and what that means for your family and personal finances, Pre “I Do” Education with ROAD to RESOLUTION can provide the guidance and information needed before saying “I Do.”


1. Should I go to the Pre “I Do” Education alone or with my spouse? You can come alone or with your soon-to-be-spouse. However, since your marriage is a two-party agreement and each party may offer unique insight and perspective, we recommend that you and your soon-to-be spouse attend the Pre “I Do” Education together.  

2. Will I also need a prenuptial agreement? Prenuptial agreements can be helpful documents in a marriage as they determine property and inheritance rights. However, only you and your partner can determine if a prenuptial agreement is right for your situation. If you feel that a prenup is something you want to pursue before or after attending Pre “I Do” Education, ROAD to RESOLUTION can provide information on that process and how an agreement might be structured for your marriage.

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